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Creative Elements UI Kit
Creative Elements UI Kit
Creative Elements UI Kit
Creative Elements UI Kit
Creative Elements UI Kit
Creative Elements UI Kit
Creative Elements UI Kit
Creative Elements UI Kit

Creative Elements is a collection of items that form a balanced website, created to boost your web projects and help you save time and energy in designing. It comes with integrated screens to start off your first landing page, and then evolve from there with the selection of:

  • buttons
  • inputs
  • radios, checkboxes, switches & sliders
  • nav bars
  • content cards
  • loading bars
  • pagination
  • notifications
  • profile pictures
  • modals

Creative Elements is complete with guiding typography, icon set, and shadow styles. The best thing is that all the screens and elements are fully customizable and well-organized! šŸ˜„

All are made vectorial in Sketch with proper Titles, Groups, Styles and Symbols.

Don't forget to check out the preview images in full size, so you can see the details of this UI Kit, and feel its graphic design.

āœ“ This UI Kit is super-useful to speed up a design workflow due to its flexibility and ease of use.

Key Features

  • 100% scalable Vectors
  • Fully Layered & Organized with proper Names
  • Easy to change color style
  • Compatible with Sketch

By using these UI Kit, you can give a modern and refreshing look at your projects, and you can reduce the cost and the time spend on designing them.

15 Aug 2018: Added Bootstrap 4 Free-kit.

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You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download it.

Special thanks for EpicCoders ( for designing and working for this.

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Thank you and enjoy designing!
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