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Book Lover Template
Book Lover Template
Book Lover Template

This template is best suited for blogs related to books, but it can be easily modified for online stores, e-books or online libraries. So if you are a book lover who wants to have a blog for rating the books you've read, or simply a bookshop owner, then this template is the perfect inspiration for you. This template design was made using Adobe Xd.

The ZIP contains:

  • a XD folder with "Book_Lover_Site.xd" where you have a standard version of desktop (1920 x 1080) , tablet (1440 x 960) and phone (428 x 926 portrait) display and a prototype
  • a JPG folder with pictures used in the template
  • a PNG folder with logo, social media and subscribe button used in the template
  • a Templates folder with the printscreens of the project
  • a "READ ME.txt" text file


  • Edwardian Script ITC
  • Book Antiqua


  • (free photos)


  • Icons 4 Designs (an Adobe Xd plugin, free icons)

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