BMW - iOS App

BMW - iOS App
BMW - iOS App
BMW - iOS App
BMW - iOS App

Whether you are creating a car and auto shops mobile apps, BMW is an iOS app concept you can truly be inspired for. BMW lets you view cars in an interactive way, users can change the colors, see the exterior, interior and engine overview of the car to have a better insight of their dream car that they want to buy. Aside from that, they are able to view its specs. Designed with further no complications, it is simple, basic and straight to the point app for looking into the cars that users would want to check before they buy.

BMW is available in two screens.

Feel free to use this on your similar projects. Created with Photoshop, this is fully-layered, uses vector shapes and fully-editable. You are free to customize it the way your creativity tells you.

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Special thanks to Brice Séraphin ( for designing and working for this.

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