Alessandra Font

Alessandra Font
Alessandra Font
Alessandra Font

Alessandra is a free typeface originally designed as a part of Joel Felix's work done for Kiplinger's Magazine. Alessandra straddles the line of Art Nouveau's delicate and organic qualities with Art Deco's sleek and geometric aesthetic. However you classify it, Alessandra is a beautiful typeface that conveys a sense of elegance and grace.

Alessandra was designed and developed using Fontself Maker, an extension for Photoshop and Illustrator CC that lets you turn any lettering into OpenType fonts in minutes!

Alessandra font comes with:

  • 118 Glyphs
  • Uppercase Only
  • 26 Standard & Discretionary Ligatures
  • 13 Stylistic Alternates
  • OTF File Format

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